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New Interim University Website

GWRRA University

GWRRA University is REAL! Here is our interim GWRRA University website while the new official one is being built..

Many have said, “we’ve been hearing this for years, we’ll believe it when we see it–if ever.” You have not heard about this. As you peruse through this site, you will get an understanding of what work has already been going on to make this a reality and what is already done. You’ve been hearing about a concept that had two major components: 1) a central location for all training programs and, 2) a central database to store and retrieve information.

This site has been created to show you how much bigger the new new University is and how much more we will be able to provide you. The new University website is being built from the ground up and its capabilities are going to impress even the most ardent skeptic. Here you can learn about what’s coming and even get some resources now to help you in your volunteer leadership position and life.

Revisit from time to time. We will be adding new details and giving you the official and real up-to-date information about what’s happening.

The Association has assembled a team of true visionaries and leaders for this project. We are not focused any more on breaking down walls–that has already happened. We are all, together, seeing and working toward a singular Vision for the growth of GWRRA and its positive impact on the lives of our members and the motorcycle industry.

We challenge you to be a part of the solution. If you have questions, ask. If you have concerns, voice them to someone who can do something about it, not just complain to anyone who will listen. That does no good for anyone and doesn’t help one bit in making this what you want it to be. Join a team and use your skills, gifts and talents to help us build something that we will all be proud of. Thanks for taking the time to visit and share your ideas. We look forward to your help and support.

Leadership Trainers of the Year
2015 GWRRA Leadership Trainers of the Year - Gerry & Bonnie VanArt - Pennsylvania
Trainer of the Year
Nominate your candidates for University Trainer of the Year. Go to the web page below for rules and nomination form.
New Audio from Lead Like You Ride
A new audio from LLYR in St. George about the benefits of looking to find the good in any change before you think of all the reasons why it won't work. You'll notice we had a lot of fun with this topic. There also were some pretty practical and useful ideas to help you and your teams.

You can find it in Video section under Resources. (audio in the video section. Yep!)
Navigating the site
IMPORTANT: when navigating the site, don't forget to click on the main menu item link before you click in the dropdown menu. There is a lot of information you may be missing if you don't.

For example: the second main menu item is "About the U". When you hover over it you will see a dropdown menu with choices such as "Officer & Member Training", "Rider Ed & Safety", etc. Do not forget to first click on "About the U" menu item. There is a whole page of important information there.

Do the same with the other main menu tab items.

Also, after "Contact Us" on the main menu there is a "magnifying glass" looking graphic. That is the site search. Click on that if you want to search the whole site for a particular word or phrase.

One more thing. If you put your cursor anywhere on the scrolling news, it will stop it from scrolling. This will make it easier to read if it is scrolling too fast for you. There is no way to slow it down, but you can stop it with your cursor.
New Blog Post - Latest University Overview
Check out the newest blog post, below, for the latest information about GWRRA University.

All Trainers: Please Update your Contact Info

It is important so we can stay in touch and forward updated information.