• What is the GWRRA University?
    • GWRRA University is an all-encompassing education and training institution with two main purposes— 1) a vibrant, dynamic source from which well-trained leaders can continue the practice of education, coaching and mentoring; 2) to provide Members access to some of the finest safety, professional and personal, education and training in the world. This is the education and training they would have to pay thousands of dollars for somewhere else. The University is to become the keystone supporting the organization as it is today and developing leaders for the organization of the future.

  • What is different about the “new” University?
    • Besides the creation of a top-quality education and training institution which unites and creates a synergy between training and rider education, here are just a few of the benefits coming soon:

      Members having immediate, personal access to their information in one, overall GWRRA University database.

      A series of training programs designed specifically to help current and future leaders be effective, while having some fun in their leadership positions.

      Certifications and renewals done with the ease of a few key clicks.

      100% of our GWRRA training experiences are fun and given by knowledgeable, lively, trained instructors.

      A 50% to 70% reduction in current GW paperwork.

  • Who manages my University activity?
    • When the new database is launched, it will be integrated into the completely new GWRRA University Website. When that happens, all of the training modules you have presented and/or taken will be recorded in that database–and accessible to you. Until the new database is launched, your District Trainer will maintain a record of all the training modules you have taught, based upon the Seminar Attendance Sheets you have provided.  Until you are officially notified about the change, records of all classroom training attended is the responsibility of the member.

  • How do I get my training assignments?
    • Requests for Training Events will be coordinated through the District Trainer. Requests for on-bike courses, MFA, and Motorist Awareness events will be coordinated through the District Educator.

      As a University Trainer you will generally receive your training assignments from your District Trainer.  Wing Ding assignments will be given by the Dean, School of Officer and Member Training.  You may also contact the District Trainer of a neighboring District and volunteer your training services.  In that instance, your assignment will come from that District Trainer.



More to come…