The Membership Enhancement Program has two significant components:

  • Provide GWRRA members with varied ways to experience FUN with likeminded people who all share the common thread that holds GWRRA together – the love of motorcycle riding.
  • Connect with NEW, PROSPECTIVE, and CURRENT members to ensure the continued health and growth of GWRRA.

Our goal is to provide our Membership Enhancement Coordinators (MECs) with a skill set and toolbox designed to support them in their endeavors.  When our MECs are informed and supported, our membership has more FUN, and the entire organization benefits!

GWRRA University is the vehicle that provides the opportunity for MECs and other interested parties to gain the skills needed to be able to fulfill this important position.  Training opportunities are offered through the Officer & Member Training section of the University.  A variety of Membership Enhancement courses are available that are designed to provide the MEC with the tools needed to provide FUN opportunities to our members.  In addition, Membership Enhancement Program courses in GWRRA University will provide insight on how to have FUN and create lasting friendships when reaching out to our new members.

But that’s not all…there are courses for the membership that are designed to help them grow in their understanding of all that GWRRA is and how they can be involved.

At this time, new courses are being developed, and all of the existing courses are being reviewed and refreshed.   Stay tuned as we journey into the new GWRRA University process!

Greetings, and Happy New Year,

We have some exciting news to share with you!

With a view toward making the Membership Enhancement Program (MEP) section of the GWRRA website both easier to navigate and more appealing to use, a new version of this site is now on line.  Before we introduce it, we wanted to recognize someone who serves the MEP – our web master Mike DeGeiso .

MEPwebmasterMike fulfills a very important function in our area of responsibility and does so completely behind the scenes.  He cares for our website and as you will see, has taken the existing site and over the last few months he migrated it to a new format.  When updating the site, he took the time to learn and utilize new processes to ensure that the end user experience is easier.  Our website is often the first place a new or prospective individual will go to when choosing to align with GWRRA.  We believe his efforts have produced a product that we can all be proud of.  THANK YOU, Mike!

So now on to an introduction.  You will find:

  • A new menu structure.  The main menu is now shown by major area rather than an alphabetical listing of topics.  When you highlight a menu item, the fly outs will provide you with everything contained within that area.
  • We have updated the majority of the manuals and documents to make them current and in some cases easier to use and understand.  The contents of each area contains a brief introduction which will guide an interested person through the programs and processes of the MEP section.  More updates will be forthcoming, so keep an eye on the site for the latest and greatest!  We’ll keep you informed when we have new and updated information on the site.

We would like to invite you to browse through the MEP section.  Even if you have been with GWRRA for a long time, you can never tell what new information you might glean.

Please join us in thanking Mike for his hard work in this endeavor!  You can e-mail him at  We all know that the “paycheck” we receive as volunteers is the appreciation of others.  If you appreciate the results of Mike’s efforts please feel free to let him know.

Happy surfing,


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