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Class ID
RE LevelDescription
101-022 >Co-Rider (seminar)
101-053 >Motorcycle Crash Scene Response (seminar)
101-062 >Riding at Night ~ GWRRA Module Who's Afraid of the Dark
102-012 >Riding Readiness ~ GWRRA Module R U Ready 2 Ride
102-01F2 >Etes-Vous Pret a Rouler (French) R U Ready to Ride (ITCP Certified)
102-022 >Riding in the Heat ~ GWRRA Module When You're Hot, You're Hot
102-062 >Co-Rider View ~ GWRRA Module A View from the Rear
102-06F2 >Vu_De_L'arriere (French) A View from the Rear (ITCP Certified)
102-072 >Helmet Facts or Fiction ~ GWRRA Module Helmets
103-012 >Distracted Drivers ~ GWRRA Module Dangerous Epidemic
103-023 >Riding w/New Inexperienced Riders ~ GWRRA Module How to Know What They Don't Know
103-032 >Riding in the Rain ~ GWRRA Module Only Sugar Melts in the Rain
103-03F2>Seul le sucre fond sous la pluie (French) Only Sugar Melts in the Rain (ITCP Certified)
103-043 >Team Riding (seminar)
103-04F3 >Cours de Chef de file (French) Team Riding
103-053 >High Side Scenarios (seminar)
104-012 >Riding in the Cold ~ GWRRA Module Brrr, It's Cold
104-01F2>Il Fait Froid Diapos (French) Brr…It's Cold Outside (ITCP Certified)
104-023 >Riding Mountains, Hills and Curves (seminar)
104-02F3 >Conduite en montagne - pentes et COURBES (French) Running Mountains, Hills, Curves
104-033 >Trailering (seminar)
104-053 >Road Captain Course (seminar)
106-012 >Levels Program ~ GWRRA Module On the Level /My RE
106-01 F2 >LeParlons De Nieveaux (French) On the Level (ITCP Certified)
106-022>How Aging Affects Riders ~ GWRRA Module For the Mature Rider


Class ID
201-01Toxic People ~ GWRRA Module Bad Apple
201-02Conflict Resolution ~ GWRRA Module Calm the Clash
201-03Communication ~ GWRRA Module Can You Hear Me Now?
201-04Managing Change ~ GWRRA Module Cha-Cha-Cha-Change
201-06Newsletters ~ GWRRA Module Newsletters
202-01Conflict ~ GWRRA Module Conflict It's Inevitable
202-02Giving Feedback ~ GWRRA Module Do You Have a Minute?
202-03Chapter MEC Role ~ GWRRA Module My Enthusiasm Counts
202-04Retention ~ GWRRA Module Retention is Important
203-01Setting Goals ~ GWRRA Module Road Trippin'
203-02Delegation ~ GWRRA Module Row, Row, Row Your Boat!
203-03Difficult Conversations ~ GWRRA Module Talk to the Elephant
203-04Women in Leadership Roles ~ GWRRA Module This Ones for the Girls
204-02Planning a Chapter Event ~ GWRRA Module We're Doing What?
204-03Train Your Brain ~ GWRRA Module Bee Smart
205-01Chapter Finances ~ GWRRA Module Checks 'n Balances
205-01FUne question d'equilibre budgetaire (French) Checks 'N Balance ITCP Certified
205-03Coaching Your Team ~ GWRRA Module Coaching 101
205-03FEntrainement 101 (French) GWRRA Module Coaching 101 (ITCP Certified)
206-01Horizon Program
207-01Promoting Teams ~ Lead Like You Ride (Certified Instructor)


Class ID
301-01Work & Life Balance ~ GWRRA Module Juggling
301-02Recruitment ~ GWRRA Module More Members
301-03Gathering Feedback ~ GWRRA Module A Penny for Your Thoughts
301-04The COY Perspective ~ GWRRA Module Representing GWRRA
301-05The History of GWRRA
302-01Stress Management ~ GWRRA Module Stress Less
302-02Email Etiquette ~ GWRRA Module You've Got Mail
302-02FModule GWRRA Module-Vous avez du courrier
302-03Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone ~ GWRRA Module Zone Out
303-01Adding Fun to Socials ~ GWRRA Module Just Add Spice


Other Options Class IDSuggested Classes instead of OCP
205-03Coaching Your Team ~ GWRRA Module Coaching 101
205-01Chapter Finances ~ GWRRA Module Checks 'n Balances
106-01Levels Program ~ GWRRA Module On the Level
302-02Email Etiquette ~ GWRRA Module You've Got Mail
OtherOr the Communication section of the Horizon Program


Training Class IDDescription
401-02ITCP ~ Certified Instructor


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