May be presented by any certified University Instructor

  1. GWRRA Module Away We Go – Trip Mapping
  2. GWRRA Module Bad Apple – Toxic People
  3. GWRRA Module Bee Smart – Train Your Brain
  4. GWRRA Module Calm the Clash – Conflict Resolution
  5. GWRRA Module Can You Hear Me Now – Communication
  6. GWRRA Module Cha-Cha-Change – Managing Change
  7. GWRRA Module Checks & Balances – Chapter Finances
  8. GWRRA Module Conflict – It’s Inevitable
  9. GWRRA Module Dangerous Epidemic – Distracted Drivers 1
  10. GWRRA Module Do You Have a Minute – Giving Feedback
  11. GWRRA Module Juggling – Work & Life Balance
  12. GWRRA Module Just Add Spice – Adding Fun to Gatherings
  13. GWRRA Module More Members – Recruitment
  14. GWRRA Module My Enthusiasm Counts – Chapter MEC Role
  15. GWRRA Module Penny For Your Thoughts – Gathering Feedback
  16. GWRRA Module R U Ready 2 Ride – Riding Readiness
  17. GWRRA Module Representing GWRRA – COY Perspective
  18. GWRRA Module Retention is Important – Retention
  19. GWRRA Module Road Trippin’ – Goal Setting
  20. GWRRA Module Row, Row, Row Your Boat – Delegation
  21. GWRRA Module Say What – Body Language
  22. GWRRA Module Stress Less – Stress Management
  23. GWRRA Module Take a Peek – Horizon Overview
  24. GWRRA Module Talk to the Elephant – Difficult Conversations
  25. GWRRA Module This Ones for the Girls – Women in Leadership Roles
  26. GWRRA Module Underestimating Leadership – Leadership & Decision Making
  27. GWRRA Module We’re Doing What – Planning a Chapter Event
  28. GWRRA Module You’ve Got Mail – Email Etiquette
  29. GWRRA Module Zone Out – Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone
    1 Instructor must also be REP Level 2 or above


May be presented by any certified University Instructor

  1. Dealing with Different Elements (must also be REP Level 2 or above)
  2. Motorcycling For The Mature Rider (must also be REP Level 2 or above)
  3. Riding With New/Inexperienced Riders (must also be REP Level 3 or above)


May be presented by any University Trainer, Senior University Trainer, Master University Trainer, or certified University Instructor

  1. Flyers for Fun and Profit – Learn how to promote your events with colorful, attention getting promotional materials.
  2. Helpful Information for New Members – This seminar is directed to the new member who may be looking for a Chapter and wants to know some of the basics of how GWRRA operates and how to become involved.
  3. History of GWRRA – This seminar presents the historical milestones from the earliest days to the present.
  4. How to Show/Judge a Bike – A bike show can be a lot of work and a lot of fun for the participants and judges alike. Find out what it takes to be a participant and a certified bike show judge.
  5. Leadership Survival Skills – Excellent leaders must learn to adapt to quickly changing situations while keeping the proper perspective. They also have to learn good time management skills and maintain a balance between their home, personal, work, and GWRRA life.
  6. Newsletters – Every Chapter is required to publish a newsletter. What goes into a great newsletter? What subjects are not for the newsletter? How do you keep the content fresh and interesting?
  7. People Based Leadership Skills – Leading volunteers requires special skills for teambuilding, delegating, and coaching. Learn how motivating and leading is seen from the Members’ point of view.
  8. Remembering Names – How do you remember the names of people you may only see infrequently?  Learn the memory skills to help you remember.
  9. Self Esteem – Key to Success – Awareness of self, poise, and confidence all tools to feel better about yourself and project a positive image.
  10. Time Management – In today’s hectic world we never seem to have enough time. Learn how to effectively manage your time instead of the other way around.
  11. What is a Chapter Director – For newly minted Chapter Directors, or for people who might aspire to becoming a Chapter Director? Learn about the duties and responsibilities.
  12. What is the Rider Education Program – New Members are often overwhelmed by all of the things GWRRA has to offer. The Rider Education Program with the emphasis on safe riding is a great benefit.
  13. Write Stuff – The written word is a very powerful tool. This seminar looks at how writing can be most effective and some of the pitfalls of not choosing your words carefully.


May be presented by any University Trainer, Senior University Trainer, Master University Trainer certified to present Rider Education Seminars and current in the listed Rider Education Level. Any University Instructor current in the listed Rider Education Level may present these seminars as well.

Level 2 or Above

  1. Co Rider – a seminar geared for the Co-Rider but equally informative for the Rider. Subjects covered include preparation for the ride, communication, riding skills, and what to do in case of an emergency. Successful completion of this seminar is a component of the Levels Program for Co-Riders, thus UTs certified in Rider Ed need to be current at their highest level in the Levels Program.
  2. Helmet Myths – Educate yourselves about helmet exaggerations, half-truths and nonsense. Be knowledgeable about riding safely and enjoying our sport. Learn about all aspects of helmets and motorcycling.
  3. Night Riding – once the sun goes down riders need to take special precautions. Why are you out for the night? Are you as alert as you should be?   How’s your eyesight? As darkness falls things that are obvious in the daylight are harder to see. Animals, road conditions, other vehicles, and truck blind spots are also covered. How can the Co-Rider help? What can you do to be more visible?

Level 3 or Above

  1. How to Use the Rider Ed Database – A tutorial for Educators as potential users.
  2. Running Mountains, Hills, and Curves – What to expect, how to prepare and a little mountain trivia.
  3. Team Riding – Educate and inform Members about the benefits of team riding and the suggested planning and conduct of a team ride.

Level 4

  1. Any Motorist Awareness – Contact Mike or Barri Critzman


May be presented by Senior University Trainers, Master University Trainers, and Certified University Instructors
Horizon Program – A one day workshop promoting horizontal teams, communication and interactivity.

May be presented by University Trainers and Certified University Instructors who are Certified Officer Trainers (COT)
Officer Certification Program – A one day workshop covering the administrative duties and responsibilities of GWRRA Operations Officers

May be presented by Certified University Instructor Trainers (UIT)
Instructor Training and Certification Program – A one day workshop that provides instructor candidates with the skills and techniques to become a Certified University Instructor

May be presented by Certified Lead Like You Ride Instructors
Lead Like You Ride – A one day workshop that demonstrates leadership and management principles based on what we do when planning to ride.