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5/22/19Added New Events
5/21/19Removed Past Events
5/21/19Added New Events
5/19/19Removed Past Events
5/18/19Removed Past Events
5/17/19Removed Past Events
5/15/19Updated UI, UIT & UTREP Current List
5/14/19Added Horizon Modules 1 - 4
5/14/19Removed past Events
5/13/19Removed Past Events
5/10/19Added New Event
5/10/19Updated UI List
5/9/19Updated UI List.
5/9/19Added New Events
5/6/19Removed Past Events
5/6/19Added New Event
5/4/19Added New Events
5/3/19Updated U.3 Form: Member # Field set for a single entry.
5/3/19Updated Events
5/3/19Removed UIT from Instructor Login Menu
5/2/19Added New Events
4/29/19Removed Past Events
4/27/19Removed Past Events
4/27/19Added New Events
4/24/19Updated Users & DUC List.
4/24/19Added New Events
4/23/19Uploaded: Motorcycle Crash Scene Response. Added IG
4/21/19Removed Past Events
4/18/19Added New Events
4/16/19Updated UI, UIT & UTREP
4/15/19Updated Internal Files
4/15/19Removed Past Events
4/15/19Added GroupWorks Video in the How To's
4/14/19Removed Past Events
4/14/19Changed two Event Dates for Kansas District
4/14/19Added GroupWorks to the How To's
4/14/19Added Events for Florida & Canada
4/12/19Added New Events & Updated Events
4/9/19Added New Events
4/8/19Updated: GWRRA Module Dangerous Epidemic ~ Distracted Drivers (REP Level II)
4/8/19Removed Past Events
4/8/19Removed Event in the TX District
4/8/19Added New Events
4/7/19Removed Past Events
4/7/19Added Events for PA District
4/4/19Updated Printable Class List. Fixed Typo Errors
4/4/19Replaced Seminar Co-Rider with corrections
4/4/19Replaced Module Only Sugar Melts in the Rain with corrections
4/4/19Removed Old Events
4/4/19Added New Events
4/2/19Removed the Old University Login
4/2/19Removed Past Events
4/1/19Removed Past Events
3/31/19Updated Passwords for April 2nd.
3/31/19Removed Past Events
3/30/19Removed Event: NH-VT District Training Event; 4/28/19
3/29/19Update IG for 106-02 For the Mature Rider
3/29/19Added New Events
3/28/19Added New Events
3/27/19Added New Events
3/26/19Added New Events
3/25/19Added Module to 202-03
3/25/19Added New Events
3/24/19Updated French Classes:
301-01 F
301-02 F
302-02 F
205-02 F
205-03 F
106-01 F
202-04 F
104-01 F
104-02 F
3/24/19Updated Events
3/24/19Update a typo in Error in the English class 106-01.
3/23/19Updated Trainer Contact Form
3/23/19Updated Road Captain Completion Certificate in UTREP
3/23/19Updated Events
3/21/19Added June 20-22, 2019 KS Rally
3/21/19Added New Events
3/20/19Added New Events
3/18/19Updated Events
3/17/19Updated U.3 Digital Form with French Class Name Changes
3/17/19Updated Printable Class List
3/17/19Updated French Classes:
102-06 F
103-03 F
3/17/19Removed Past Events
3/17/19Added U.10 for CA
3/16/19Updated French Classes:
102 -01 F
305-01 F
208-01 F
3/16/19Updated Events
3/15/19Updated Events
3/13/19Updated Events
3/12/19Removed 3/17/19 Event for Dallas, GA
3/12/19Fixed Menu and renamed Officers Tab.
3/10/19Removed Passed Events
3/9/19Added the MAP Tab and One Class under Instructors Login.
3/9/19Added LOGOs for MAP & University
3/8/19Removed TX Event 3/16/19 and Changed Killeen 4/16 & 4/17 to 3/16 & 3/17.
3/7/19Updated the link to GWRRA You've Got Mail Powerpoint
3/7/19Added the New Co-Rider Seminar for REP Instructor's.
3/6/19Added New Events
3/5/19U.3 Form Report Updated
3/5/19Added New Events
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