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  • Members having immediate, personal access to their information in one, comprehensive GWRRA University database. The database is a work in progress.
  • A series of training programs designed specifically to help current and future leaders be effective, while having some fun in their leadership positions.
  • Certifications and renewals completed with the ease of a few key clicks.
  • All GWRRA training experiences are fun and conducted by knowledgeable, trained instructors
  • A 50% to 70% reduction in current GW paperwork

These are some of the most recent changes to the University.

It is a massive undertaking to coordinate and manage over 3,000 volunteer Officers who have the passion to lead.  It requires the formation and development of TEAMS trained and motivated to work together to achieve the Associations motto of Friends for FUN, SAFETY, and KNOWLEDGE. 

Programs and finances must be managed properly for organizational and legal reasons.  Meetings and events need to run smoothly and efficiently so the Members only see and experience the fun, family and food they came to enjoy.

Lives are saved through some of the best Rider Education. To accomplish this, we enjoy an equal and beneficial partnership with the Rider Education Program, working together to best serve our Members. The University offers skill development programs, some of the best on the planet. And, because we deal with human beings, there is always the occasional problem, conflict, or disagreement that must be handled in a way that resolves the issue and still creates harmony among the Members. This is only possible when the leaders have been well-trained, coached and mentored.

There are two main focuses of the University. To offer a vibrant, dynamic source from which well-trained leaders can continue the practice of education, coaching and mentoring.  The second is to provide Members access to some of the finest safety, professional and personal education and training in the world.  This is the education and training that could cost thousands of dollars elsewhere.

The University is becoming the keystone, supporting the Association as it is today and developing leaders for the Association of the future.

The University is real, it is alive, it is rejuvenated from the original version. Checking the FAQ section will also keep you in the loop.



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