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The Training curriculum focuses on all aspects of GWRRA while understanding that knowledge is an enabler of those skills. Though some of the training deals specifically with skills needed in a GWRRA leadership position, other training deals with Life and Riding topics that will enhance the member’s life both within and outside of GWRRA. In general, our training is designed to reach visual, verbal, and hands on learners; our goal is “something for everyone”. It is the intent of the University to deliver training in a professional manner and to make certain that training is a fun learning experience for all participants.

The Horizon Program:

The Horizon Program is a fast track “hands on” training of practical applications, and an excellent class for all Members. Horizon is also a great class to learn more about teamwork, self-awareness, interpersonal communication, and building better Chapters. Members learn about how to have FUN in GWRRA in a challenging day workshop with lots of surprises. It is an interactive one day program – the more everyone participates, the more everyone learns!

Instructor Training and Certification Program:

The Instructor Training and Certification Program or better known as “ITCPis a program in University Curriculum that is an in-depth training workshop with “hands on” training and coaching for Members who wish to become Certified Instructors of modules in the GWRRA University. The ITCP is a one day fast paced interactive workshop which gives candidates the knowledge, skills and ability to be Certified Instructors.

Lead Like You Ride:

Lead Like You Ride or better known as “LLYR” is a program in the University Curriculum not to teach leadership but give a new way to look at it. During the one day workshop the participants will make connections; new connections between what they know and what they don’t know. They will acquire universal principles to use everywhere while having FUN and interacting with everyone in attendance.

GWRRA 101:

This 9 section one day workshop presents for discussion the functions, programs, structure, policies and procedures of GWRRA. The workshop’s target audiences are Team Members, both new and established, and any Member who has an interest is knowing more about Gold Wing Road Riders Association. The sections include activities, small break out groups and interaction from the participants.

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