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IDType ClassClass Date:DistrictEvent Information
1835MFA02/1/2020WyomingThe MEDIC FIRST AID® Class
1871University02/1/2020New MexicoCo-Rider Seminar
1880University02/1/2020GeorgiaR U Ready to Ride Module
1918MFA02/01/2020Anniston, ALThe MEDIC FIRST AID® Class
1927University02/01/2020Shelbyville, KY
202-03 Chapter MEC Role ~ GWRRA Module My Enthusiasm Counts 202-04 Retention ~ GWRRA Module Retention is Important Communication's
1950University02/01/2020Chittenango, NY
Brunch & Training:
101-02 Co-Rider (Seminar)
104-02 Riding Mountains, Hills and Curves (Seminar)
1949University02/04/2020Commack, NY103-04 Team Riding (Seminar)
Cambridge, OH
101-02 Co-Rider (Seminar)
202-02 Giving Feedback ~ GWRRA Module Do You Have a Minute?
204-03 Train Your Brain ~ GWRRA Module Bee Smart
104-01 Riding in the Cold ~ GWRRA Module Brrr, It's Cold
1891MFA02/8/2020Rocky Mount, NCThe MEDIC FIRST AID® Class
1841MFA02/8/2020ColoradoThe MEDIC FIRST AID® Class
1850MFA02/8/2020MissouriThe MEDIC FIRST AID® Class
Team Riding
Having Fun at a Chapter Gathering
Crash Scene Response
Mature Rider
RU Ready to Ride
1917MFA02/08/2020Paintsville,KYThe MEDIC FIRST AID® Class
1955MFA02/08/2020Lockport, NYThe MEDIC FIRST AID® Class
2000On Bike02/09/2020Riviera Beach, FLFull Trike Riding Course
1999MFA02/14/2020Ft Myers, FLThe MEDIC FIRST AID® Class
1836MFA02/15/2020VirginiaThe MEDIC FIRST AID® Class
1840MFA02/15/2020GeorgiaThe MEDIC FIRST AID® Class
1875University02/15/2020TexasRoad Captain Course
1886MFA02/15/2020Ft. Gibson. OK
1926MFA02/15/2020Hanahan, SCThe MEDIC FIRST AID® Class
1980MFA02/15/2020Adrian, MIThe MEDIC FIRST AID® Class
1996MFA02/15/2020Grand Junction, COThe MEDIC FIRST AID® Class
1870University02/16/2020New MexicoDistracted Drivers ~ A Dangerous Epidemic
1986University02/20/2020Sparks, NV101-05 Motorcycle Crash Scene Response (Seminar)
1910On Bike02/21/2020Gulfport, MSTRC ~ Trike Rider Course
Bloomington. IN
Classes scheduled are:
203-02 Delegation ~ GWRRA Module Row, Row, Row Your Boat!
301-02 Recruitment ~ GWRRA Module More Members
103-05 High Side Scenarios (Seminar)
103-04 Team Riding (Seminar)
102-06 View From The Rear ~ GWRRA Module A View from the Rear
101-02 Co-Rider (Seminar)
1837MFA02/22/2020PennsylvaniaThe MEDIC FIRST AID® Class
1905On Bike02/22/2020Gulfport, MSARC ~ Advanced Rider Course
1951MFA02/29/2020Greenville, SCThe MEDIC FIRST AID® Class
1959MFA02/29/2020Raleigh, NCThe MEDIC FIRST AID® Class
1964University02/29/2020Greenville, SC104-01 Riding in the Cold
1869University03/7/2020New MexicoMotorcycle Crash Scene Response
1881University03/8/2020New Hampshire/Vermont103-04 Team Riding Seminar
1903University03/14/2020Gansevoort, NY8:30 AM - Coffee and Goodies
102-01 Riding Readiness ~ GWRRA Module R U Ready to Ride.
103-02 Riding w/New Inexperienced Riders ~ GWRRA Module How to Know What They Don't Know.
103-04 Team Riding (Seminar).

1925MFA03/14/2020Maple Grove, MNThe MEDIC FIRST AID® Class
1979MFA03/14/2020Jackson, MIThe MEDIC FIRST AID® Class
1981MFA03/14/2020Maple Grove, MNThe MEDIC FIRST AID® Class
1868University03/20/2020New Hampshire/VermontCo-Rider Seminar
1874On Bike03/21/2020OklahomaTRC ~ Trike Rider Course
1915University03/21/2020Mebane, NY9:30 AM ~ 10:30 AM -103-04 Team Riding Seminar 10:30 AM ~ 11:30 AM - 101-02 Co-Rider Seminar
1960MFA03/21/2020Johnstown. COThe MEDIC FIRST AID® Class
1944MFA04/16/2020Clemson, SCThe MEDIC FIRST AID® Class
1911MFA04/25/2020Gansevoort, NYThe MEDIC FIRST AID® Class
1962MFA05/09/2020Wisconsin Rapids, WIThe MEDIC FIRST AID® Class
1904University05/23/2020Gansevoort, NY8:30 AM - Coffee & Goodies
101-02 Co-Rider Seminar)
104-05 Road Captain Course (Seminar)
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