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12/11/19Removed Past Event
12/11/19Added New Events
12/2/19Added a New Event
12/1/19Added New Events
11/27/2019Added New Events
11/24/19Added New Events
11/20/19Updated University Logins
11/16/19Added a New Event
11/16/19Removed Past Events
11/12/19Updated Officer Resources
11/5/19Removed Past Events
11/5/19Added New Events
10/29/19Updated Instructor login to include the leading zero. Email sent out to all Instructors about change.
10/23/19Removed Past Event
10/18/19Removed Past Event
10/18/19Added New Events
10/14/19Updated Internal Files
10/13/19Added a New Event
10/8/19Removed Past Events
10/8/19Added New Events
9/29/19Removed Past Events
9/22/19Removed Past Events
9/12/19Updated Internal Files
9/12/19Corrected Error in U.3 Class 202-01
9/12/19Added a Tab called Presentations
9/11/19Added an Awards Tab
9/10/19Removed Past Event
9/10/19Added a New Event
9/10/19Updated Internal Files
9/10/19Updated How To's
9/10/19Updated The Officer's Resources
9/10/19Updated Event Countdown's
9/7/19Added a New Event
9/1/19Added New Events
9/1/19Removed Past Events
8/23/19Added a New Event
8/21/19Added New Events
8/19/19Updated User Login's
8/18/19Removed Past Events
8/14/19Added New Events
8/13/19Removed Past Events
8/13/19Updated Login's
8/8/19Updated Events List
7/30/19Added New Events
7/29/19Added New Events
7/23/19Added New Events
7/23/19Updated Co-Rider (Seminar)
7/22/19Updated Events
7/18/19Added New Event
7/18/19Removed Past Events
7/16/19Added New Event
7/13/19Removed Past Events
7/13/19Updated Internal Files
7/12/19Updated UI, UIT & UTREP Access.
7/10/19Added New Events
7/6/19Added a New Event for TX District
7/3/19Corrected link for 202-03 Chapter MEC Role ~ GWRRA Module My Enthusiasm Counts IG
7/1/19Removed Past Events
6/24/19Removed Past Events
6/24/19Updated Instructors Records
6/23/19Updated Internal Files
6/22/19Added New Events
6/22/19Removed Past Events
6/21/19Removed Past Events
6/20/19Updated TN DUC
6/20/19Updated University Team Page.
6/19/19Removed Past Events
6/17/19Updated the UI, UIT & UTREP Instructor List.
6/16/19Removed Past Events
6/14/19Added a New Event for South Carolina District
6/13/19Added a New Event For Georgia District
6/13/19Added New Events for the Wisconsin District
6/13/19Removed Past Events
6/13/19Updated Internal Files
6/13/19Updated University Class Printable List
6/11/19Added New Event
6/10/19Added New Events
6/9/19Added New Event for the Alabama District
6/9/19Removed Past Events
6/9/19Updated the UI List
6/7/19Added New Events
6/6/19Added New Events
6/4/19Added a New Event
6/3/19Added New Events
6/3/19Removed Past Events
6/1/19Removed Past Events
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