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10/1/20Updated Road Captain Course to Version 6.20
10/1/20Removed Past Events
10/15/20Added New Event for the Mississippi District
9/13/20Removed Past Events
9/2/20Added New Event for the Oklahoma District
8/31/20Removed Past Events
8/21/20Removed Past Events
8/12/20Updated Events
8/4/20Added Event for Wyoming District.
7/29/20Added New Events for the Michigan District
7/27/20Updated Online Classes
7/23/20Added U.4 Digital Form and Removed old Form Format
7/9/20Added a New Event
7/4/20Removed Past Events
5/29/20Removed MFA From the University Website
5/29/20Updated the University U.10 Form
5/24/20Removed Past Events
5/19/20Added Wing-Ding #42 Link with Countdown.
5/19/20Changed Event Date for Event ID #2205
5/19/20Removed Past Events
5/18/20Checked Crawl for Online Classes Crawl & Form are operational.
5/14/20Added an Event for the Kansas District
5/12/20Added June Online Class Calendar
5/12/20Removed Past Events
5/12/20Updated Online Class List for June
5/7/20Updated OnLine Classes. Listed in Green.
4/30/20Updated the Online Classes
4/28/20WY District TRC scheduled for May 2 has been canceled.
4/23/20Removed Past Events
4/23/20Rescheduled Iowa's Co-Rider Class to May 24th.
4/22/20Removed Past Online Classes
4/20/20Canceled May 16th & 17th Event for the Iowa District
4/20/20Updated Online Class Calendar. 5/5/20 6:00pm Class is FULL
4/19/20Added a Link to the Online Class Calendar
4/18/20Updated Online Class Calendar. 5/6/20 3:00pm Class is FULL
4/15/20Removed Past Online Classes
4/13/20Added Arkansas District to the University Online Classes.
4/13/20Corrected Database Entries for Online Classes.
4/9/20Updated the Online Class List
4/3/20Cancelled Event for Florida District
4/1/20Cancelled all Indiana University classes. set for the following dates; 4/25 ,5/2 & 5/9.
4/1/20Updated Internal Folder
3/28/20Removed Cancelled Event in MN
3/25/20Removed Canceled Events
3/23/20Removed All MFA Scheduled Classes
3/21/20Cancelled Event ID 2088 & 2089 for the Tennessee District
3/21/20Removed Past Events
3/19/20Removed Events that are Canceled.
3/19/20Updated the U.3 Database.
3/18/20Updated the Events List
3/18/20Updated the Home Page Crawl
3/16/20Removed Past Events
3/15/20Changed date on Event ID 2205 from 3/22/20 to 3/26/20.
3/15/20Removed Past Events
3/14/20Cancelled the Horizon class scheduled for March 28 in Tennessee
3/14/20Removed Past Events
3/13/20Added New Event for the Nevada District
3/13/20Added New Event for the Wyoming District
Postponed all MFA Classes until further notice.
3/13/20Updated the Instructor Login List
3/12/20Added Events for the Central Canada District
3/11/20Added New Events for Canadian Atlantic District
3/11/20Added New Events for the Districts South Carolina, West Virginia & Iowa
3/9/20Removed Past Events
3/8/20Removed Past Events
3/6/20Added New Event for the Tennessee District
3/5/20Added New Event for the Minnesota District
3/4/20Added New Event for the Minnesota District
3/3/20Add New Events for Central Canada & New Jersey Districts
3/1/20Added New Events for MN/ND & NY Districts
3/1/20Removed Past Events
2/29/20Added New Event for the Arizona District
2/29/20Removed Past Events
2/29/20Updated 104-01 F Module GWRRA Brrr…Il fait froid! La conduite par temps froid (REP Niveau II ou plus élevé) Update: graphique de refroidissement d’aile
2/29/20Updated 104-01 Riding in the Cold ~ GWRRA Module Brrr, It's Cold. Update; Added a Wind Chill Handout.
2/28/20Added a New Event for the Florida District
2/27/20Removed Past Events
2/25/20Added New Event for the Florida District
2/24/20Added New Event for the South Carolina District
2/24/20Added New Events for the Florida & Mississippi Districts
2/24/20Removed Past Events
2/22/20Added New Events for the Florida District
2/22/20Removed Past Events
2/21/20Added New Events for the Alabama District
2/20/20Added New Events for the Illinois District
2/20/20Removed Handout for Class 103-01 Distracted Driving
2/20/20Removed Past Events
2/19/20Added New Event for SC District
2/18/20Added New Event for Minnesota Chapter N
2/18/20Added New Events for Districts; Texas & Iowa
2/17/20Event Change: Motorcycle Crash Scene Response class scheduled for 2/24/20 in Oklahoma has been cancelled.
2/16/20Added New Events for the Iowa District.
2/16/20Removed Past Event
2/15/20Removed Past Events
2/14/20Added New Event for the District of New York
2/13/20Added New Events for Districts; Ohio & Tennessee.
2/12/20Added New Events for Districts: Tennessee, Florida, North Carolina. Mississippi, Montana & Virginia.

2/11/20Removed Past Events
2/9/20Added New Events for Districts; Kentucky, Ohio, Texas & Michigan
2/9/20Removed Past Events
2/8/20Added New Events for Canadian Prairies and NH-VT District
2/8/20Removed Past Events
2/8/20Updated Class List
2/6/20Added New Event for the NH-VT District
2/6/20Added New Event for the Oklahoma District
2/5/20Added New Event for the Alabama District
2/4/20Added New Event for the Arizona District
2/4/20Added New Events for the MD/DE District
2/3/20Added an Event for Canadian Atlantic District
2/3/20Added New Events for Districts: VA & NC
2/2/20Added New Events the Kansas District
2/2/20Removed Past Events
2/1/20Added New Event for District MD/DE
2/1/20Added New Events for the Indiana District
2/1/20Updated Team Riding
1/30/20Added New Events for Florida District
1/30/20Added New Events to Districts: Florida & Arizona
1/29/20Added New Events for the NC District
1/28/20Added New Events for the Florida District
1/27/20Added New Event
1/27/20Removed Past Events
1/25/20Added New Event
1/25/20Removed Past Events
1/24/20Changed date for Event ID-1981,
1/24/20Removed Past Events
1/20/20Removed Past Events
1/19/20Added a New Event
1/19/20Removed Past Events
1/18/20Added a New Event
1/18/20Updated Instructors Login Status
1/18/20Updated Internal Files
1/18/20Updated Training Event Listings
1/17/20Added a New Event
1/15/20Added New Events
1/15/20Updated PPT for Team Riding
1/14/20Added New Event
1/14/20Removed Past Event
1/14/20Updated Team Riding IG & PPT
1/12/20Added New Events
1/11/20Added New Events
1/11/20Removed Past Events
1/10/20Added New Events
1/8/20Added New Event
1/7/20Added New Events
1/6/20Added New Events
1/4/20Added New Event
1/4/20Removed Past Events
1/3/20Added New Events
1/3/20Updated 103-01 Distracted Drivers ~ GWRRA Module Dangerous Epidemic
1/3/20Updated Training Event Listing
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